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Provisional’s specialized technical recruiters deliver brilliant IT professionals with the skills, expertise and experience to move your business forward in the fast moving IT arena. Our Recruiting Managers deliver skilled technical contract professionals, innovative direct-hire employment solutions, and on demand recruitment solutions to meet your needs.

Technical Recruiting

Access a team of technical recruiters who know your industry top to bottom. The technology industry moves faster than many companies can keep up with, and in order to meet demand for top technical talent, you need a staffing agency that can maintain pace with your growth. We can help your technology company:

Hiring Solutions

We offer a wide range of hiring solutions including:

Remote Staffing

Access candidates around the country who are prescreened and prequalified. Our remote candidates meet the same high standards as our local pool of talent.

Direct Hire

We source every level of candidate including entry level, career professionals and tech executives. Our direct hire candidates have been vetted to ensure company fit and a commitment to long term partnership.

Temporary Staffing

Whether you need help for a day, a week or an indefinite period, we have temporary staffing solutions that keep your daily operations moving smoothly.

Contract Staffing

Not ready to make a commitment? Not a problem. Our tech candidates are ready to meet your hiring terms and prove their value to your company.

Focus Areas

Our specialized technical recruiting managers are focused on finding technical talent on a contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire basis. Our number one goal is to provide lasting value to our clients and candidates and build strong relationships based on our proven outstanding service.

We only present candidates that we have prescreened and thoroughly vetted to meet your standards. Read our Quality Assurance Guidelines to learn more about how we source top tech talent.

We can provide IT professionals in a wide range of technology disciplines, including:

Startup Recruitment

Talent can make or break a tech startup, and a bad hire can cost you more than just lost time. We work closely with your leadership team to understand your company’s vision and needs, then scour our pool of qualified candidates that are ready to make an immediate impact on your startup. Our startup recruitment services include:

Let our tech division find you quality professionals to meet your specific needs


CAD Operator

CAD Operator duties include using CAD software to redraw part designs into corresponding patterns and converting hand drawn designs into CAD drawings for further programming.  Additional responsibilities include receiving customers CAD designs via electronic mediums; working with operators and management to resolve problems, improve quality, productivity and material usage; and recommending improvements in hardware, software or other systems.


Drafter duties include working with design originators and preparing drawings of unusual, complex or original designs, which require a high degree of precision.  Requires using most of the conventional drafting techniques and equipment, including CAD processes.  May perform routine engineering design work including component piece parts and finished goods drawings and other special projects through engineering process.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer responsibilities include performing engineering duties in planning and designing tools, engines, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment.  Additional duties include overseeing installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of such equipment as centralized heat, gas, water, and steam systems.  Also, designing products and systems to meet process requirements and applying knowledge of engineering principles, as well as overseeing installation to ensure that machines and equipment are installed and functioning according to specifications. 

IT Development

Applications Developer

Applications Developer duties include writing, designing, testing and supporting complex software programs that, depending on the organization, are run on internal systems or packaged for sale and general use.

Database Administrator

Database Administrator responsibilities include recovery (backups and testing of backups), performance analysis and tuning, data dictionary maintenance, and database design.  Typical duties include installation of new software, configuration of hardware and software, security administration, data analysis, database design, and data modeling and optimization.


Programmer/Analyst duties include developing and modifying application programs of a high degree of complexity and scope.  Also responsible for designing, coding, testing, debugging, and documenting those programs.  May carry out or participate in problem analysis and system design preparatory to development of programs.  May advise on operating problems of assigned programs.  May give some technical assistance to other staff.  Competent to work at the highest technical level of all phases of applications programming activities.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer responsibilities include defining software requirements, performing software design, computer programming, user interface design, software testing, and software maintenance tasks.  Software engineering also draws on knowledge and skills from fields such as computer science, computer engineering, mathematics and project management.

Web Designer

Web Designer responsibilities include development, modification and implementation of internet and intranet web designs.  Based on need analysis, develops solutions from concept to implementation using web related development technologies (i.e. html, javascript, C/C++, ActiveX, CGI) and system (i.e. Internet Information Server, Suitespot, Domino, HAHTSite, LiveWire).  Works on projects of considerable complexity and requires a mastery of development tools on a wide range of development platforms. 

Web Developer

Web Developer responsibilities include web design, information architecture, usability engineering, web content management systems, web server administration, and search engine optimization.  Typical duties include specialization in either frontend or backend work and maintaining databases directly on web servers.

IT Management

E-Commerce Manager

E-Commerce Manager duties include developing integrated internet marketing strategies with the goal of increasing brand awareness and presence across the web.  Additional responsibilities include working with the marketing team to build brand strategies and partnerships that compliment brand profile and traditional media; analyzing web traffic patterns and making recommendations on improvements; researching new technological trends, including, pod casting, video and social networking and how they can apply; leading the execution and development of online projects; creating and presenting online marketing strategies; and leading the execution of marketing for e-commerce.

IS Director

Information Services Director duties include responsibility for all corporate Information Technology activities, including systems analysis, programming, and computer and auxiliary operations.  Under corporate planning, developing policies and procedures, technical standards, methods and schedules.  Also, overseeing the strategic working relationship between Information Technology and other functions within the organization’  maintaining the organization’s awareness of developments in information technology, computer hardware and software for the formulation of long and short-range plans for the acquisition and implementation new equipment and techniques; reporting to management on Information Technology plans, projects, performance and related matters; and directing and providing functional direction to middle IT managers in a division, subsidiary, or region. 

IS Manager

Information Services Manager duties include responsibility for managing the day-to-day IT operation activities, including systems analysis, programming, and auxiliary operations of an organization.  Also, directing the development and maintenance of timeliness and quality standards for all aspects of the data processing operation; determining and recommending department budgets; and analyzing controllable expenditures.  May plan and coordinate the evaluation and effectiveness of existing data processing applications and the feasibility and potential value of new applications.  Is the IT head for a single unit, which reports to an executive level position. 

Project Manager

Project Manager duties include being responsible for the planning and execution of technology projects.  Duties may also include ensuring the success of a project by minimizing risk throughout the lifetime of the project through effective management.  Required skills also include effective communication and analytical abilities.

Technical Support Manager

Technical Support Manager duties include being responsible for delivering all aspects of support to customers by interpreting problems and providing technical support for hardware, software, and systems.  Also, managing call center performance activities, customer satisfaction and expense forecasting.  May be responsible for developing and implementing standard service levels, delivery and operational processes; and evaluating, hiring, developing and training support staff and help desk technicians. 

IT Support

Application Support Analyst

Application Support Analyst duties include providing the application training and end user support required by users of a specific software (i.e. Java, SAP, C++, etc.).  May work directly with end users to answer questions, set expectations, plan and deliver products and services to meet the user’s training needs.

Desktop Specialist

Desktop Specialist responsibilities include support to network clients and delivery of new hardware and software.  Other duties include providing software, hardware and network support; deploying, configuring, installing, testing, and maintaining network components, printing, user environment, security and software; managing exchange email; and diagnostics and maintenance of hardware and software systems.

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support duties include managing requests via help desk software (incident tracking), that allows help desk to track user requests with a unique ticket number.  Responsibilities include tier one support, phone or face-to-face support with end users, troubleshooting and tracking, and issues trouble tickets that detail the problem.

Software Tester

Software Tester duties include being responsible for defining interface testing requirements, building test cases, defining interfacing systems, coordinating with the interfacing systems, executing test cases, and researching the found results.

Software Trainer

Software Trainer responsibilities include delivering technical training programs, using appropriate training methods which includes multi-media and course/curriculum materials; training new and existing customers at customer site, over the internet, and on the telephone; and assisting in the development of training materials.

Technical Support

Technical Support duties include managing end-user hardware and software support; troubleshooting software and hardware problems; training end-users on new software and hardware; and answering technical questions about equipment and software applications.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite required. 

IT Systems

Network Administrator

Network Administrator duties include directing and coordinating local area personal computer network activities;  establishing and maintaining user access, links, directories and security protocols; responding to user needs concerning network operation and use of various software and hardware arrangements; monitoring network functions; ensuring timely backup; maintaining system logs and other documentation; and coordinating relationships with vendors and technicians.

Network Analyst

Network Analyst duties include planning and performing analysis of major company activities and guiding the design and implementation of systems for the application of electronic data processing or for the improvement of existing data processing applications.  Is concerned primarily with the broad aspect of data processing systems, with the objective of utilizing available personnel resources, computer hardware and software to provide that information most useful to the company in the most efficient manner.  Primary concern is with the interaction between systems, not only to avoid redundancies in storage and processing, but also to take advantage of new and more effective ways of providing needed information.

Network Engineer

Network Engineer duties include being responsible for the technical design, configuration, and implementation of local and wide area network solutions between multiple platforms, including, ongoing technical support to remote area networks, internet and EDI communications. Possesses extensive knowledge of multi-protocol systems and implementation experience with multi-vendor network systems.  Has responsibilities for trouble shooting network usage, workstations and computer peripherals.  Beyond bachelor’s degree, CNE or equivalent and two plus years experience.

Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst duties include solving computer problems and applying computer technology to meet the individual needs of an organization.  Helping to realize the maximum benefit of  investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes, also.  Additional responsibilities include planning and developing new computer systems or devising ways to apply existing systems’ resources to both hardware and software, or add a new software application to harness more of the computer’s power.  Would be working with specific types of systems – business, accounting, scientific and engineering systems.

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer duties include coordinating the construction and maintenance of a company’s computer systems and planning their future growth.  Would be coordinating each department’s computer needs – ordering, inventory, billing, and payroll record keeping; setting up the company’s intranets – networks that link computers within the organization; and easing communication among the various departments.  May design new hardware, software, and systems.

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