Four Low-Cost Activities to Improve Team Morale This Summer

July 23rd, 2019

Hiring accountants in Spokane is a big job, and you need the support of your team. However, summer is the most relaxed season of the year, which can make coming into the office the last thing employees want to do.

Since people have visions of sunshine and pool days dancing through their heads, making work extra fun is the best way to increase morale. Here are four budget-friendly activities to engage and inspire your staff this summer.

Company Picnic

Nothing celebrates summer better than a barbecue. Organize a family-friendly gathering on a weekend at a local park, the boss’s house, or even on the lawn of your office building. Save money by making the menu potluck or ordering pizza. Make the picnic fun for everyone by planning a variety of games — i.e., potato sack races, horseshoe, volleyball, cornhole, limbo — for people of all ages. This is a great way for employees to bond on a personal level, in a relaxed setting.

Volunteer Together

Boost employees’ spirits by giving back to a great cause. Take a vote to choose a local charity to volunteer for, then close the office for the day — or a few hours, if that’s all you can spare — and enjoy helping others as a team. Doing something so selfless together will make employees feel great and bring them closer together. They’ll also gain a greater appreciation for you as their employer because working for a company that cares is something really special.

Themed Day(s)

Just about everyone enjoys the opportunity to wear a fun costume, so take advantage of this. Plan a themed day — or make it a series — and encourage employees to come to work dressed to impress. Hang decorations around the office, play music that aligns with the occasion — at least at lunchtime — and give an award to the best dressed. This is a fun way to add some pizazz to an otherwise standard workday.

Ice Cream Social

Considering it’s the unofficial food of summer, there’s no better time to treat employees to ice cream. Buy several different flavors and toppings, and serve it up during the afternoon hours. This fun and a delicious break will make people feel valued while giving them some downtime to enjoy non-work conversation with their colleagues.

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