Planning Healthy Desk Snacks Starts Here

May 17th, 2019

Searching for Spokane accounting job opportunities requires a great deal of time and energy, so you need to fuel your body right. Considering you probably spend at least 40 hours per week at the office, much of this starts at work.

Even if you’re eating a nutritious lunch, frequently snacking on fattening, sugary items will have a negative impact on both your health and waistline. Here’s some advice to help you make better choices between meals.

Four Tips to Snack Healthy at Work

Buy Snacks You Actually Like

In theory, the healthiest snacks at the grocery store seem like a great option. However, if you can’t stand the taste of them, you’re not going to eat them. Instead, you’ll justify running to the vending machine, because you’re hungry and it’s filled with snacks that actually appeal to you.

Stock Up Regularly

Check your desk snack supply at least weekly to make sure you have enough to tide you over until your next shopping trip. It’s also wise to take a close look at the contents, to see if you like everything in there. If you tried a new type of snack and didn’t like it or have grown tired of a former favorite, you might be tempted to stray from the contents of your drawer.

Encourage Your Colleagues to Join In

It’s hard to eat healthy when everyone around you is snacking on chips, donuts, and other delicious items with zero nutritional value. Try to motivate your co-workers to join your healthy initiative by sharing the benefits you’re enjoying from thoughtful eating and offering samples of your favorite snacks.

Learn How to Resist Temptation

You might be able to convince some colleagues to join your healthy snack movement, but everyone will not be willing to do so. Learn how to turn your willpower on, so you don’t fall victim to that piece of cake or leftover pizza in the breakroom. This will be challenging at first, but when you get used to eating healthy snacks, you’ll start craving them instead.

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