Navigating Job Search Rejection: How to React When a Potential Employer Turns You Down

July 25th, 2019

Searching for Spokane accounting job opportunities can be a process filled with ups and downs. It’s exciting to score an interview for a job you’re really interested in, but discouraging when you’re not hired.

When you receive a rejection call or email, your first instinct might not be the most professional reaction, so think before you speak. Here are a few guidelines to help you handle the situation the right way.

Four Tips to Handle Job Search Rejection

Be Polite

Receiving disappointing news can make it hard to mind your manners, but you don’t have a choice. Being anything but gracious about the company’s decision is unprofessional, so force yourself to take the high road. Thank the hiring manager for the opportunity and for keeping you in the loop on their decision. Let them know you’d like to be considered for any future openings on the team.

Find Out When Went Wrong

Some of the best interview advice comes from jobs you didn’t get. Ask the hiring manager if they would be willing to share any feedback from your interview. Any constructive criticism you can get will help you learn and grow for your next interview. This is a great way to turn a disappointing situation into something incredibly useful.

Don’t Overanalyze

Reflecting on what you did well and what you could’ve done better throughout the job interview process is helpful to an extent, but don’t allow it to consume you. Obsessing over the situation won’t change the outcome so, take your lessons learned and move on. Wallowing won’t help you find a new job any faster.

Focus on the Positive

Every job interview you go on is an opportunity to refine your technique. This means you’ll be even more polished the next time around. Clearly, this job wasn’t right for you anyway, which means your ideal fit is still out there, waiting for you to find it. Get excited, because you have a very bright future on the horizon.

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