3 Tips to Make a Great Impression on Your New Boss

April 20th, 2016

It’s a huge feeling of relief to accept a new job you’re really excited about. Now that you’ve signed your offer letter, bid your former colleagues farewell, and celebrated with family and friends, it’s time to start focusing on this exciting new venture.

Depending on how you felt about your prior manager, getting a fresh start with a new boss may be a welcome change or a tad bittersweet. Either way, adapting to life with your new boss must be a top priority, because the last thing you want is for them regret their hiring decision. Expect the process to be one of trial and error, but with a little time and patience you’ll get right back into your comfort zone.

3 Tips to Make a Great Impression on Your New Boss

Learning to work with a new boss is a major transition for both of you. Follow these three tips to show respect to your new supervisor and make it clear you’re eager to please.

Maintain a Positive Attitude.

The first impression you make on your new boss is entirely up to you, so choose to make it a great one. Not knowing what to expect from your manager is definitely intimidating, but displaying a negative outlook won’t get you anywhere. Put a smile on your face and remain optimistic that the two of you will really hit it off.

Align Your Expectations.

Get on the same page as your boss from day one by requesting a meeting to discuss their expectations. Find out their preferred communication style, the type of matters they want to be consulted on — and those they don’t — how your success in the position will be measured and what you should plan to accomplish during your first few months on the job.

Be Flexible.

No two managers are exactly the same, so you can expect things to be a little different now that you have a new supervisor. Display a willingness to adapt and accept changes as they come, even if they push you out of your comfort zone — and they will. You might feel out of your element for a while, but before long this will become your new normal.

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