How to Use Social Media for Employment Networking

August 28th, 2014

Social media is no longer just a place to connect with family and friends ─ it’s also a great place to network with business associates. Popular platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are helping accounting professionals across the globe network their way into exciting new careers.

If you’re not already using at least one of your social media accounts for business purposes, now is the time to get started! You might be pleasantly surprised at the positive impact social networking can have on your career.

4 Ways to Use Social Media for Employment Networking

Not quite sure how to use your social media accounts to boost your accounting career? Put the following four techniques into action to use popular platforms for networking:

  1. Keep it Professional: If you’re going to use your social media accounts for employment networking, you’ll need to make sure to keep all of your posts professional. Never post anything on sensitive topics like religion or politics, avoid the use of profanity and maintain a positive persona. While you can offer occasional glimpses of your personal life, make sure everything you share is appropriate for potential employers to see.
  2. Share Industry Updates: Demonstrate your interest in accounting outside the office by using your social media accounts to share the latest happenings in the industry. Not only will this show your enthusiasm for the field, consistently posting on these topics will likely help you build a following of other industry professionals, which is sure to impress employers.
  3. Follow Industry Leaders: Benefit from the wisdom shared by the CFOs of major companies, professional accounting associations and other leaders in the field by following them on social media. These people obviously know what they’re talking about, so there’s a good chance you’ll learn something from them. Some of them may even follow you back, helping to expand your network.
  4. Connect with Like-Minded Professionals: When you meet another accounting professional at a networking event, conference, business meeting or any other function, be sure to seek them out and connect with them on LinkedIn. Also, if you find an accounting professional with an interesting background or someone working at a company you’re interested in, it’s perfectly acceptable to send them an InMail message and ask to connect. These connections might help boost your career.


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