Bridging the Generation Gap Between Accountants

January 17th, 2014

It’s never been easy managing a team of accountants varying in age from early 20’s to mid-60’s and beyond. However, the generational gap between the aging Baby Boomer population and the emerging group of Millennials ready to take over the workforce has never been more apparent.

Younger workers grew up in a world of technology, where they never had to use an eraser or change the tape on their adding machines. These employees will never know what it’s like to wish there was a way to automate an accounting system, as doing things manually is now a thing of the past.

Three Ways to Bridge the Generation Gap

Helping older and younger accountants meet in the middle may seem like a somewhat daunting task, but it’s definitely possible to do so. Follow these three ideas to bridge the generation gap at your company:

  • Promote Mutual Respect.
    There’s often a barrier between older and younger employees, even when the two groups want to find common ground. It’s important for younger workers to respect their senior peers for the years of valuable experience they’ve gained working in the field. Conversely, older employees must also respect the new, innovative ideas brought by younger workers.
  • Allow Different Generations to Learn from One Another.
    The two generations really have a lot to learn from one another. The on-the-job experience a person gains from a long-lasting career is irreplaceable. Younger employees need older workers to serve as their mentors, guiding them to success. However, younger employees are extremely tech savvy and have a whole crop of fresh ideas to offer, proving there really may be a better method of doing things than how the company “has always operated” in the past.
  • Let the Younger Generation Have a Voice.
    In the past, younger workers were intimated by senior management and were willing to silently do as they were told. This is no longer the case, as today’s crop of young people expect their voice to be heard. Companies that listen to what they have to say will build loyalty and a team of employees truly invested in the company, while those who continue to operate the old-fashioned way will likely not be as successful.

Getting older and younger staff members to work together as a team can help your company achieve its goals and create a succession plan. Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing is here to help you build a successful team. One of the top Seattle employment agencies, we have a network of skilled accounting and finance professionals ready get to work at your company.