Is Your Onboarding Process Too Excessive for Your New Hires?

August 30th, 2019

Hiring Spokane accountants is hard work, but helping them hit the ground running can be even more challenging. You understand the importance of having a thorough onboarding process because you want to set your new hires up for success.

The thing is, there’s a fine line between a comprehensive onboarding program and one that’s just too much. If your new hires seem exhausted and overwhelmed by introductory activities, it might be time to scale back a bit. Here’s a guide to help you determine whether you need to make some changes.

Three Ways Your Onboarding Process Overwhelms New Hires

Information Overload

New hires represent your company, so it’s important for them to learn about your culture, history, and products and services. However, there’s such a thing as too much information. Requiring them to spend days in training sessions to learn about the company or read thick manuals is excessive.

People can only absorb so much information at once, so focus on the basics in the beginning. Allowing them to acquire the rest of the knowledge gradually will help them ease into their jobs comfortably, and increase the chances they’ll remember what they’ve learned.

Unnecessary Steps

The best training programs aren’t necessarily the longest. Putting new hires through a long, arduous orientation process can make them feel confused and discouraged.

Onboarding should be tailored to individual needs, so take both the job itself and the employee’s history into consideration. Eliminate steps that don’t relate to the job, are unnecessary given the person’s skill set, or are otherwise redundant. Making the process more efficient will benefit everyone.

Expecting Too Much, Too Fast

When you needed to fill a position yesterday, you might be tempted to put new hires through a quick and intense training program, then set them free. The thing is, proper onboarding doesn’t work like that.

Adjusting to a new job, at a new company takes time. Expecting people to jump right in places too much pressure on them. Even the most talented people need time to learn the ropes without feeling rushed.

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Hiring for Long Term Employees | Finding Loyal Employees

February 27th, 2015

By now you’ve already realized that having an abundance of long-term, loyal employees is the key to the lasting success of your organization. However, it can be difficult to spot these people during the interview process. Many fast-talking candidates will impress you, but only a very have what it takes to stay with you for years to come.

3 Tips for Finding Loyal Employees

Trying to fill an open position with a candidate who’s here to stay? Use the following three techniques to find someone who wants to make your company part of their long-term career plan:

  1. Focus on Personality: It’s easy to get overexcited about a candidate with all the right skills and excellent credentials, but being good on paper certainly doesn’t mean they’re right for the job. Remember, you have to work with the person everyday, so choose someone you genuinely enjoy being around. Skills can be learned but personality traits cannot. If you sense even the slightest bit of arrogance or dishonesty, move on to the next candidate.
  2. Find a Great Cultural Fit: Your company culture immensely impacts your employees’ job satisfaction. Find out as much as you can about the company culture at the candidate’s current or previous employer and what they liked and disliked about it. Use this information to determine whether or not they would fit in at your organization. Involve as many of your team members in the interview process as possible to make a well-informed decision.
  3. Ask for Employee Referrals: Your employees have a network of talented connections, so ask them to refer candidates they think would be a great addition to the team. Loyal workers have a vested interest in the organization and won’t recommend anyone they don’t truly believe will excel. This is an amazing opportunity to recruit like-minded people who want to be part of your company for the long-term.

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