Tips on Deciding Who Should Get a Promotion

August 14th, 2015

When you have a staff filled with excellent workers, it’s never easy to decide who to promote. It’s always tempting to choose your favorite employee or the person with the longest tenure, but basing your decision on these factors won’t help your company get to the next level. Put your personal feelings aside and focus on business needs to help make your choice.

4 Tips on Deciding Who Should Get a Promotion

If you’re having a hard time determining which person is the right fit for a promotion, ask yourself the following four questions to find your answer.

  1. Are they a good leader?

    Everyone doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader — and that’s okay. Anyone holding a leadership role must have the ability to motivate and inspire others to do their best. Your top performing employee may be the most skilled person on your team, but if they don’t exhibit leadership characteristics, putting them in a managerial role could be a disaster.

  2. Do other employees like them?

    Promoting from within is great for your company culture, but it can be tricky. It’s important to choose a person for a leadership position who gets along well with their colleagues. Transitioning from team member to team leader is challenging for everyone, so you need someone who can do it in a tactful manner. Moving a person people generally don’t like into a managerial role can have a very negative impact on morale and performance.

  3. Can I rely on them?

    When you promote an employee, you need to know you can trust them to handle increased responsibilities. If a person has proven themselves to be unreliable, you definitely don’t want to give them a greater stake in your company. You need loyal senior level employees that you can always count on.

  4. What are their relevant accomplishments?

    The future of your company is largely dependent on the success of your leadership team. You need forward thinkers who are excellent at what they do. Choose someone who has proven themselves to be an invaluable asset to your organization, by working hard and coming up with innovative ideas to grow your bottom line.

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