The Importance of Finding the Right Company Culture for You

July 17th, 2015

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows the importance of company culture. A job may seem great on paper, but if you don’t fit in with the rest of the team, you’re going to be miserable. When you’re interviewing for a job, company culture isn’t always boldly on display. You may need to read between the lines and dig a little deeper to learn what it’s really like to work for the organization.

Conduct background research online, by reviewing their website, social media pages and reviews on sites like to gain valuable insights. It’s also wise to arrive a little early for your interview, to get a feel for the work environment before getting ushered away into a conference room. You may not be able to observe too much, but sometimes the little things are the most telling.

How to Find Your Ideal Cultural Fit

It’s important to know what type of company culture you’re most comfortable in before starting the interview process. Not quite sure what works best for you? Use these three steps to find out:

Determine What Motivates You

Certain elements of a work environment can make or break your productivity. Think about the type of situation that stimulates you the most. Maybe you prefer to work alone in a quiet environment? Or perhaps you thrive as part of a team working under pressure? There’s no wrong answer. The only way you can shortchange yourself is not being honest about your motivators.

Decide What Makes You Happy

The same things that motivate you may not actually make you happy. Think about a job you really loved and consider why it made you feel fulfilled. Maybe it had a late start time, which suited you well because you’re not a morning person? Determine what it takes to make you happy at work, then don’t accept a position until you find a company that can meet your needs.

Gauge Lifestyle Fit

If you have to rework your entire life for a job, you’re probably not going to last very long. For example, many companies offer catered meals to employees working long hours, but if you’d rather be eating with your family, you’ll resent having to spend this precious time at the office instead. Or if you enjoy working in a sociable office, don’t accept a position where everyone keeps to themselves and leaves promptly at 5pm.

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