How to Congratulate and Recognize Individuals for their Success

October 28th, 2016

Your employees are a truly incredible bunch. They’re intelligent, driven, hardworking, and they truly care about the future of your organization. These people could work anywhere, but they’ve chosen your company.

The bar you’ve set for your employees is high, because they’ve proven they can handle it, but that doesn’t mean you can take them for granted. Every small accomplishment certainly doesn’t need to be called out, but failing to recognize exceptional efforts seriously decreases morale and lowers job satisfaction levels.

Make sure your staffers know how much you appreciate everything they do by taking the time to stop and congratulate seriously impressive wins. There’s many different ways to do this, so find the best fit for both the person and your organization.

Personal Acknowledgements

A sincere thank you from the boss means the world to employees. There are many different ways to deliver the message, so take each individual personality into consideration. Those who like being the center of attention will greatly enjoy being praised in front of everyone at a staff meeting. Conversely, employees who are very shy will likely prefer to receive recognition in a less public manner, such as an email sent to the group or simply a private conversation in your office.

Financial Rewards and Incentives

If your budget can handle it, pairing praise with a cash bonus, a gift card, or an extra vacation day can make success even sweeter. This is a nice way to give the person a little something for themselves, after they’ve worked so hard to achieve incredible results for the company. Little perks like these really make people feel appreciated, subsequently increasing their sense of company loyalty.

Well-Deserved Promotions

It might not immediately follow a personal milestone, but rewarding success by promoting from within builds a strong company culture. There’s no better way to recognize an employee’s contributions than giving their entire career a boost by bumping them up to the next level. People will be even more motivated to put their best efforts forward if they know they’ll be able to grow their career at your company.

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