5 Accounting Interview Skills and Tips

August 21st, 2014

Competition for accounting positions can be intense. Companies want to know they’re hiring the best and brightest people to oversee their financials. If you’re searching for a new challenge in the accounting field, it’s important to know how exactly how to make a great impression.

5 Accounting Interview Skills and Tips

Preparing for an upcoming accounting interview? Use the following five tips to secure your spot as the best person for the job:

  1. Brush Up on Industry Trends: If the hiring manager asks for your thoughts on the biggest challenges faced by accountants today or another industry relevant query, you need to have a dynamite response. Therefore it’s important to catch up on the latest happenings in the accounting industry ─ if you’re not already familiar ─ to ensure you’re in the know.
  2. Evaluate Different Accounting Packages: Show the interviewer you’re a seasoned professional by taking the time to write down the pros and cons of all the accounting software packages you’ve worked with. This ensures you’ll have an impressive response if questioned on different packages you have experience with and what you liked and disliked about each one.
  3. Review Current Accounting Laws and Policies: If you don’t already have a solid understanding of current accounting laws and policies, take the time to study them. If asked, you don’t want to have to admit to an interviewer that you’re not up-to-date with the latest regulations.
  4. Display Integrity: Accountants are essential to the lasting success of a company, so the hiring manager needs to be sure you can be trusted. When asked how you would handle a situation where you made a mistake on an invoice, were asked to cover up discrepancies on quarterly filings or given the opportunity to engage in any other potentially dishonest actions, always emphasize the fact that you would never compromise your integrity.
  5. Sell Yourself: The job interview is your chance to make the hiring manger see that you’re the best person for the job. Make yourself the obvious choice for the position by noting cost-cutting strategies you’ve incorporated at other companies, highlighting your ability to work well under pressure and showcasing your exceptional client service skills.


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