The Most Important Tip You Can Provide to a Recent College Graduate

May 9th, 2017

Most college students spend four years preparing for life in the ‘real word,’ so upon graduation, they expect to find their dream job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way — at least at first. Many new grads quickly become discouraged, because entry-level jobs aren’t always as glamorous as they seem and other positions require experience they don’t have.

The most important tip you can give these young professionals is not to give up. Everyone has to start somewhere, so help them remember this is only the very beginning of their career. From working with accounting agencies to putting in time at the bottom of the ladder, use this advice to help recent college graduates head down the right path.

Get Another Internship

Some internships are specifically for college students, but many are open to anyone interested in the learning experience. If the recent graduate is having trouble finding a job in their field, taking on another internship could be the best career move they’ll ever make. This will give them the chance to boost their resume, make new contacts, and if they make a great impression, they might even land a full-time gig with the company at the end of their program.

Seek the Assistance of a Recruiter

Many people incorrectly assume recruiters only place experienced candidates, but that’s not true. Companies count on recruiters to fill positions at all levels, so there’s plenty of openings fit for those new to the workforce. Beyond gaining access to opportunities not advertised to the public, recruiters can also help new graduates polish their resume and sharpen their interview skills.

Do the Grunt Work

Everyone has to start somewhere. Entry-level jobs aren’t always as exciting as recent college graduates image. Often, they involve tasks like making copies, answering phones, and doing basic data entry. This realization can be very discouraging, but it’s important that they stick with it. When new graduates prove they can handle basic tasks, their bosses begin to trust them with more responsibility, allowing them to gradually move up the ladder. Being patient will lead to bigger, better things.

Take Advantage of Every Learning Opportunity

New graduates have a lot to learn about business, so seizing every chance to learn is essential. They should ask to sit in on meetings — even if it means taking notes for the boss —pitch in when a colleague needs a helping hand, and volunteer to assist with anything and everything. This will make them invaluable to their team and help flesh out their resume.

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