Career-Boosting Resolutions to Continue on the Path to Success

March 28th, 2018

If you think it’s too late in the year to set resolutions, you are very mistaken. Whether you skipped the process in January or the resolutions you did make are long forgotten, now is the perfect time to create a new set designed to enhance your career.

As one of the top employment agencies in Seattle, Washington, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing knows how crucial resolutions can be to career success. Having goals to look toward will get you on track and help you stay focused, so it’s time to get started.

Four Career-Boosting Resolutions

Figure Out Where You’re Headed

If your career history consists of an aimless collection of jobs, it’s time to focus and make a plan for your future. You can’t move up the ladder if you’re all over the place, so decide what you want from your career. Setting an overarching goal allows you to tailor your actions now to support your career aspirations for the future.

Make Networking a Priority

The right connections can propel your career to new heights. Expand your contact list by placing an increased emphasis on networking. Hold yourself accountable for attending a certain amount of networking events per week or month, because you never know who you’ll meet. You can also supplement this by using social media to network online.

Focus on Continued Growth

The business world changes quickly, so if you don’t keep up, your skills will become obsolete. Make learning a top priority by embarking on a constant quest for knowledge. This might involve going back to school for a certificate or degree, taking an online training course, or even just asking a colleague to teach you a skill they have that would be useful to you.

Eliminate Unproductive Habits

Moving forward in your career requires a tremendous amount of hard work and discipline. Take an honest look at your life, and if unproductive habits are keeping you from success, push yourself to make positive changes. When you’re no longer wasting time, you can spend it on activities that propel your success.

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How to Refocus Your Energy When Work Becomes Tedious and Uneventful

March 21st, 2018

Time has a way of standing still when you’re bored at work. Everyone has a tedious and eventful day now and then, but if this has become your standard, it’s time to do something about it. Battling this issue might simply involve a change in your routine or something more intense, like searching for new Seattle accounting jobs.

Either way, you deserve to have a job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, so get to work and find a solution.

Four Ways to Refocus Your Energy When You’re Bored With Your Job

Switch Up Your Routine

Following the same schedule, every single day can quickly become monotonous. Work might be feeling tedious and uneventful because you’re tired of working on autopilot, not because you’re actually bored with the job itself. Stimulate your mind by changing something in your routine each day, so it feels less rigid, and each day stops blending into the next.

Branch Out

You’ve been in your current job for awhile, and you’re comfortable with all the duties associated with it. It feels reassuring to know how to complete every task on your list, but that can also make your job a little dull. Give yourself a fresh challenge by asking your boss to let you tackle a new initiative. This might involve joining a new project team or take on a new responsibility that excites you.

Learn a New Skill

If you frequently find yourself done with work before quitting time, do something valuable with your day. Find an online training course where you can acquire a new job-relevant skill. Learning something new is a productive use of time, and it will make you feel invigorated. Applying this skill to your current job might make it more enjoyable, and at the very least, it will look good on your resume.

Seek New Opportunities

You’re far too talented to waste your time at on a job that no longer satisfies you. If you feel like there’s nothing left to accomplish at your current job, it’s time to move on. Since you’re gainfully employed, take the time to find a new opportunity that perfectly suits your skills and interests.

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The Most Cost-Efficient Ways to Increase Team Morale This Spring

March 14th, 2018

If your employees seem a little low, it’s time to give morale a boost. Sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture to make people feel valued and show them you care. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as there are plenty of ways to lift your team’s spirits without breaking the bank.

Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing, one of the leading providers of accounting temp services, understands the importance of keeping your team happy and satisfied with their jobs. Use these tips to give your team a little extra support to get back on track.

Five Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Morale This Spring

Hold a Contest

A little friendly competition can breathe fresh life back into your office. Divide your staff into teams and give them a challenge to complete. This will unite people and allow them to have some fun. The prize for the winning team doesn’t need to be anything expensive — think pizza party or an early dismissal.

Request Feedback and Actually Implement It

From an employee’s perspective, it means a lot to know your boss cares enough to ask for your thoughts and opinions. However, it can be frustrating when they feel like you’re not actually listening. Make your team feel valued by finally putting some of their feedback into action. This will make them feel appreciated and prove their happiness really does matter.

Host a Potluck Lunch

Catering lunch for the entire team can get pricey, so make it fun and hold a potluck. Add a little extra excitement into the mix by choosing a theme — i.e., luau, tailgate, all one color — and requiring all dishes to adhere to it. On the big day, allow everyone to take a long lunch and enjoy the festivities.

Encourage Side Projects

Inspire your team by getting their creative juices flowing. Allot a certain amount of time per week or month for people to work on side projects related to their jobs. This will stimulate their minds, ignite their passion, and can result in innovations that will benefit your company.

Volunteer Together

Giving back to your community will really bond your employees, and it won’t cost a dime. Allow people to vote on a local charity to donate their time to, close up shop for the day, and enjoy volunteering for a great cause together as a team. Helping others feels great and lets people get to know one another outside the confines of the office.

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Why You Should Hire an “Outside-of-the-Box” Thinker Instead of a Process-Driven Individual

March 7th, 2018

When working to fill open positions on your team, you’ll find two very different types of candidates — those who think outside the box and those who are solely process driven. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring accounting contract support in Seattle or filling any other type of position, it’s always wise to focus on people who dare to be different.

Process-driven individuals are practically-minded people who always follow the rules, which is nice, but they won’t propel your company to the top. When you compile a team of employees who think outside the box, the sky’s the limit, because they’re not afraid to cut through the red tape.

Four Reasons to Hire Professionals Who Think Outside the Box

Increased Creativity

Process-driven professionals are practical thinkers who don’t put much stock in originality, but following standard protocol won’t earn you a competitive advantage. Those with a think-outside-the-box mentality are natural creatives who see things from a different perspective. Their unique vision can be helpful in everything from finding inventive ways to cut costs to come up with ideas for brilliant new products and services.

Push Toward Innovation

Doing things the way they’ve always been done is the standard for process-driven individuals because, in this mindset, there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken. This strategy doesn’t leave much room for innovation because it’s hard to move forward when using the same old tactics. On the other hand, outside-the-box thinkers are constantly on the path to advancement, because they’re always trying something new.

Quickly Adaptable

It’s hard for process-driven individuals to switch gears, because their strategy is largely rigid. If you need to adjust business operations, doing so will take them awhile, because they’ll have to re-write their rulebook. Conversely, those who think outside the box are inherently flexible, because they have the capacity to change course on a dime. Just give them the word and they’ll get right to work on any new initiative put in front of them.

Seamless Problem-Solving

When the going gets rough, process-driven professionals get frustrated. Unless there’s a page in their rulebook that specifically addresses how to handle a specific problem, they’ll go into panic mode. Those who think outside the box are very different in a crisis, because they’re quick thinkers whose minds are always open to new ideas. They actually enjoy the problem-solving process, because it gives them a chance to put their creativity to work.

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