Four Ways to Land Your Next Big Break in Seattle

August 30th, 2017

You’ve been in your current job for a while now, and you’re starting to get bored. You’ve accomplished just about everything there is to do for the job, and as an ambitious person, you need something more.

As top Seattle accounting recruiters, we understand the monotony of staying in a job where you no longer feel challenged. Thankfully, the Seattle area has a seemingly endless stream of opportunities for skilled accounting and finance professionals like you.

Use these tips to start your search for a fulfilling new job.

Network, Network, Network

In life and business, having the right connections will get you far. Join a professional organization — i.e., the Washington Association of Accountants or the Seattle chapter of the Accounting & Finance Women’s Alliance — and attend as many events as possible to get your name out there. Perfect your elevator pitch so you can quickly and easily explain what you’re looking for and bring business cards, so it’s easy to share your contact information.

Scour the Internet

The traditional approach to job searching isn’t necessarily the best way to find work, but don’t rule it out. If you’re willing to do some digging, you can find great opportunities on LinkedIn, company HR sites, and even job boards. Competition is typically intense for the best opportunities, so tailor your resume for each job and include a personalized cover letter.

Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

If you’re happy at your current company, but have just outgrown your job, talk to your boss. Top accounting and finance talent is hard to come by, so your manager might be willing to promote you if you’ll stay with the company — even if that means creating a new position for you. You’ll never know until you ask, so muster the courage and go for it.

Team Up With a Recruiter

Working with a staffing agency is one of the very best ways to take the next step in your career. Recruiters that specialize in accounting and finance have their finger on the pulse of the industry. These professionals have connections at companies across Seattle, and often times, they’re tasked with filling exclusive opportunities that are never posted publicly. All you have to do is tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll find it for you.

Searching for your next big break in Seattle? Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing is here to assist. Contact us today to find a temporary/contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire opportunity that perfectly aligns with your career goals for the future.

How Can Employee Perks Help Contract Employees Feel Like a More Integral Part of the Team?

August 23rd, 2017

Contract employees might not be with your company for the long-term, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them like part of the team. These people work on behalf of your organization, so you want them to feel happy and appreciated.

Offering perks to employees is nothing new, but many companies don’t extend these extras to contractors, and that really isn’t fair. Accounting temps work alongside the rest of your team, so they should have access to complimentary gym memberships, employee discounts, free lunches, flexible work options, and other company perks.

Learn three reasons to offer perks to each of your contractors.

Demonstrate Inclusion

As noted above, contractors aren’t eligible for perks at many companies. This deepens the divide between these professionals and full-time employees, because they know they’re missing out. It’s only natural for contractors to feel ostracized when everyone around them has access to great perks they don’t have, which serves as a constant reminder they’re not actually part of the team.

On the flip side, extending perks to contractors makes them feel included. This allows them to become fully immersed in the company culture, which will be reflected in their work. It will also be easier for other employees to view them as equals and peers, because they’re treated the same way.

Show Appreciation

Working as a contractor can feel like a thankless job. Granting these professionals access to company perks shows gratitude for their contributions. These people work just as hard — or maybe even harder — than your full-time staff, so it’s only right to extend company perks to them. When people feel valued, they produce better work, so everyone benefits from your generosity.

Sweeten the Deal

The best contractors want to work for great companies. Offering perks is a small, yet powerful, way to show they’ll be in good hands. If given the choice between your organization and another where contractors aren’t given access to standard employee perks, there’s a very good chance they’ll opt for the job with you.

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Need a Little Motivation? Start Listening to These 5 Podcasts

August 16th, 2017

Your iphone can do more than just play music. When you’re commuting to work, at your desk or on the treadmill at the gym, download an inspiring podcast to boost your mood and your energy level.

Whether you’re searching for accounting temp jobs in Seattle or a full-time gig, the process can be draining. Get motivated by putting these five podcasts on your playlist.

“The School of Greatness”

Hosted by New York Times best-selling author Lewis Howes, “The School of Greatness” podcast is jam-packed with inspiration. Episodes feature interviews with renowned business professionals, top athletes, and celebrities willing to share their secrets to success. Topics run the gamut from inspiration and business to health and relationships, so tune in to learn tips that will benefit you personally and professionally.

Tony Robbins’ Podcast

Join the millions of people around the globe who credit Tony Robbins for changing their life. His eponymous podcast covers various topics designed to improve your mind, body and soul. A few of his recent topics include “What does it mean to be bulletproof?” “Are you a giver or a taker?” and “What is true wealth”?


The popular “Bulletproof” podcast is hosted by Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof. Put this on your playlist for a front-row seat to interviews with guests who you can relate to. From topics designed to boost your health — and your performance — to those of a more career-focused nature, this is one podcast you don’t want to miss.

“The James Altucher Show”

As an entrepreneur and angel investor who has started 20 companies, James Altucher knows a thing or two about business. He’s been through his share of successes and failures, making “The James Altucher Show” an educational experience. Each episode features interviews with seriously impressive professionals excited to share their tips for success with Altucher’s listeners. Some of his recent episodes include “Scot Cohen — the Best Networker on the Planet. Period.” and “Brandon Webb — Becoming the Master of Your Own Fate.”

“TED Radio Hour”

Brought to you by NPR, “TED Radio Hour” is based on the famous TED Talks. Hosted by Guy Raz, you won’t be able to help feeling inspired by listening to world-class speakers discuss topics like new ways to solve old problems and innovative inventions. After listening to the successes of others, you’ll be eager to find your own.

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The Secret to Sourcing the Right Accountant for a Given Contract Assignment

August 9th, 2017

Whether you need a specific skill set for a project or want to increase your staff during a busy season, hiring an accountant as a contractor can be a savvy move. That is, if you choose the right person. Many companies make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter who they hire, because a contractor will only be on staff for a limited time, but that strategy rarely ends well.

The secret to sourcing the right candidate for the job is teaming up with one of the accounting staffing agencies in Seattle. Recruiters can easily mean the difference between a successful hire and a disastrous one, so don’t try to go it alone.

4 Benefits of Sourcing Accounting Contractors Through a Recruiter

Hire Faster

Recruiters fill open positions for a living so they can focus all their efforts on finding the right accountant for your contract position. Conversely, if you choose to handle this on your own, you’ll have to balance it with your regular job duties, which will slow the process down and leave you stressed.

Gain Access to Top Talent

Connecting with skilled professionals is a major part of a recruiter’s job. In addition to constantly networking, they maintain talent pools filled with the best and brightest accounting professionals in the Seattle area. Some are only willing to take a new job if it’s the right one so they might not see your posting without a nudge from a recruiter they trust.

Choose the Right Fit

The best accounting contractor has the skills to do the job and a personality that perfectly meshes with your company culture. As hiring experts, recruiters are trained to screen candidates for all aspects of the job, and they can easily spot red flags that might fly under the radar with interviewers who lack their depth of experience.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Any recruiter worth your time wants you to be satisfied. Top recruiters stand behind the candidates they recommended, and if things don’t work out, they’ll quickly replace the person at no charge to you.

Sourcing the right accountant for a contract assignment is extremely important, but you can trust Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing to get it right every time. Our candidates are vetted with an extensive background screening process, allowing you to hire with confidence. Contact us today to fill openings at your Seattle area company with ease!