5 Books Every Leader Should Read Before the Summer

March 24th, 2017

Spring officially began on March 20, but it’s still a bit brisk to spend too much time outside. Cure your cabin fever by adding a few new titles to your reading list — and challenging yourself to polish them off by summer.

Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — one of the leading accounting temp agencies in the Seattle area — recommends these five relatively new books as fantastic reading material for every leader. Head to the library or the bookstore and get your copies now, so you’ll be entertained until temperatures heat up.

“Tools of Titans,” by Tim Ferriss

“The 4-Hour Workweek” author is back with another New York Times Best-Seller. This time, he shares insights gained from two-to-three hour interviews with more than 200 successful people for his podcast, “The Tim Ferriss Show.” A unique opportunity to get inside the minds of everyone from A-list celebrities to top athletes and brilliant business people, Ferriss captures minute life details that have shaped these people into extraordinary success stories.

“Keep It Simple: Unclutter Your Mind to Uncomplicate Your Life” by Joe Calloway

The world is filled with noise — and that might be getting in your way of success. In his book, Calloway explains how to take control of your goals and your life. When you realize what’s most important to you, you’re able to focus your efforts, lower stress, and finally get to a place in both your career and personal life that makes you happy.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth

Rather than drawing on talent as the secret to success, this book focuses on ‘grit.’ Defined by Duckworth as a mix of passion and persistence, she explains how to get ahead in any aspect of life by setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. If you’ve ever felt discouraged because you didn’t think you had the talent to succeed, this is a must-read.

“Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It” by Dorie Clark

Silently working hard to achieve your goals won’t help you stand out from the crowd. Clark believes you have to find your niche and promote your unique prospective to make a name for yourself. In the book, she explains how to create a big idea, leverage your connections, and grow your audience.

“The Content Trap: A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change” by Bharat Anand

Content is a key aspect of every business, so this book is more than just a read for marketers. Rather than highlighting ways to create the best content, Anand focuses on using it to make connections. He examines a variety of businesses, including The New York Times and The Economist, and shares economics, strategy, and marketing research to offer a new take on the purpose of content.

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Establishing a Pyramid of Diversified Leadership in Your Company: Creating Middle Management That People Like!

March 17th, 2017

Middle managers are hugely important to the success of your company, but many get a bad rap. Often forced to take the heat from both upper management and staff-level employees, this role can easily take a toll on a person.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing — the best way to find top accounting temps in Seattle — shares tips to help your middle managers earn a positive reputation.

Ways to Create Well-Liked Middle Managers

Promote Wisely

Everyone isn’t management material — and that’s okay. However, middle management is the only path to advancement at many companies. If this is the case at your organization, it’s time to make a change. Only those with leadership skills, who work well with others should be placed in middle management roles. Your most talented employee might work circles around everyone else, but that alone is not an indicator they’re primed for management.

Provide Proper Training

Middle management is a job that requires proper training. Staff-level employees are frequently thrown into this role without any formal preparation, so they have no idea what they’re doing. You can’t expect someone to excel at a job they’ve never had without proper guidance, so create a training program for all new managers. This will help them learn how to be an effective manager that engages and inspires their team.

Give Them a Voice

Serving as the liaison between executives and staff-level employees puts middle managers in a unique position to see the company from many different angles. Rather than simply using them to funnel information to their team, allow them to have a seat at the table. Employees respect a manager who listens to their needs and goes to bat for them, so give your middle managers the opportunity to make a difference.

Treat Them Well

Working in middle management can feel like a thankless job, as they’re often put in the middle between their boss and their team. Consequently, a striking 51% of U.S. managers are not engaged and 14% are actively disengaged, according to a 2015 Gallup poll. When miserable, it’s hard to be a likeable manager, so be good to them. Pay them well, provide special perks, treat them with respect, and don’t force them to be the bad guy by constantly pitting them against their direct reports. Happy managers who enjoy their jobs make great bosses.

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Making a List at Night is Just One Way to Start Getting More Done at Work the Next Day

March 10th, 2017

As an ambitious person, you always want to accomplish more at work each day. You’re only human, so your productivity has limits, but your current routine leaves room for improvement.

Whether you’re a temp in Spokane or an executive in Seattle, preparing for your day the night before puts you ahead of the game before you even wake up. You already know making a list at night is a smart way to map your day, but that’s just the beginning. There’s plenty of other things you can do to achieve maximum productivity tomorrow — and beyond.

Do These 3 Things Today to Be More Productive Tomorrow

Plan Your Schedule

You’ve already made your list, so you know exactly what you need to do tomorrow. Now, take it a step further and actually schedule time on your calendar to complete these items. Instead of randomly completing tasks when you feel like it, group those of a similar nature together and get them done faster. Planning ahead allows for better time management, so you can fit more projects into your day.

Prep for the Morning

If you’re like many people, getting out of the house in the morning can take forever. Add valuable time back into your morning by spending a few minutes getting organized the night before. Choose your outfit, make your lunch, and get your work bag ready, so you can get out the door quickly and make it to the office a little early — or at least on time.

Go to Bed Early

It’s nearly impossible to function at full capacity when you’re exhausted. Do yourself a favor and go to bed early enough to get at least eight hours of sleep. When you wake up feeling refreshed, you can charge through the day at full speed. Everything from your energy level to your cognitive abilities takes a hit when you’re tired, so trade that extra hour of television for a book in bed and drift off to sleep early.

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These Habits are Making You Look Unprofessional in Your Interview

March 3rd, 2017

In a job interview, you want to put your best face forward, but you may inadvertently be holding yourself back. You’re aware of the need to show up on time, dress professionally, research the company, and practice responses to common interview questions, but that’s not all it takes to succeed.

As one of the leading accounting staffing agencies in Spokane, Accountingpros Recruiting + Staffing shares five bad habits that will keep you from landing your dream job. If any sound familiar, it’s time to change your ways — and fast.

Carrying Too Much Baggage

There’s a few things you need to bring to your job interview — copies of your resume, portfolio, any other requested paperwork — but less is always more. If you can’t fit your belongings in a briefcase or small purse, you have too much stuff. Leave everything you don’t need for the interview in your car or at home, because walking in toting a mountain of things is awkward, distracting, and unprofessional.

Reeking of Desperation

Showing enthusiasm during a job interview is encouraged, but avoid crossing into desperate territory at all costs. Sharing a sob story about being out of work for six months or offering to do anything to get hired weakens your candidacy. If you reek of desperation, the hiring manager will start to wonder why you’re trying so hard and be turned off by your lack of confidence.

Letting Your Guard Down

It always feels great to really connect with an interviewer and feel comfortable with them, but do remember you’re not having a casual conversation with a friend. Keep the conversation professional, because you don’t want to reveal something that could stand in your way of getting the job. If hired, you’ll have plenty of time to bond with your new work friend

Exuding Negativity

No one wants to work with a pessimistic person who brings the team down. You already know speaking in an unkind manner about previous bosses is a terrible idea, but you also can’t trash former jobs. Make it your goal to put a positive spin on every answer, so you don’t accidently portray yourself as someone who constantly projects negative energy.

Embellishing the Truth

Clearly, it’s important to make yourself look great in a job interview, but stick to the facts. Exaggerating the truth is lying, and you will eventually get caught. You have plenty of actual accomplishments to your name, so share those instead of trying to be something you’re not.

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