When It Comes to Your Team, What Are You Thankful For?

November 21st, 2016

Being a manager certainly isn’t easy, but you’re fortunate enough to lead a really fantastic team of people. Together you’ve achieved so much this year, so it’s exciting to think of what’s to come in the future.

‘Tis the season to count your blessings and reflect on what you’re most thankful for in life, so don’t forget your fantastic employees. Take the time to ponder why you’re so grateful to have these amazing professionals on your team, then let them know they’re truly valued.

Three Ways to Thank Your Team For Being Amazing

There’s plenty of ways to show gratitude to your employees for being wonderful to work with, so choose the route you think will be the most meaningful to them.

Write a Note

Put pen to paper and write each of your staffers a message acknowledging their hard work this year. Include a few specific ways each person contributed to the team’s success and why you’re so thankful to have them on staff. These days, it’s rare for anyone to take the time to handwrite a note, so this simple gesture alone will mean a lot. You can be certain your employees will save this special thank you card for years to come.

Say It Face-to-Face

Schedule one-on-one time with each of your employees to shower them with praise for a job well done this year. Holding sessions on an individual basis instead of addressing the group as a whole is much more meaningful, because you can personalize the discussion for each employee. Make the entire meeting a positive one, focusing only on the reasons the person made you exceptionally proud this past year.

Give a Reward

Show appreciation for the outstanding people on your team by doing something special for them. From granting everyone an extra day off during the holiday season to taking the team out to lunch, there’s meaningful ways to say thank you that fit every budget. Remember to acknowledge the hard work they’ve done this year and let them know this reward is your way of showing gratitude.

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Have You Thanked Your Boss Lately?

November 17th, 2016

Your boss has a huge influence on your career. A bad one can make your life miserable by denying you promotions, refusing to grant well-deserved raises, and being downright mean — but you’re fortunate enough to be managed by someone really great. Your work history probably includes at least a boss or two who wasn’t easy to work for, so you know you really lucked out with your current supervisor.

Truly exceptional bosses are few and far between, so if it’s been awhile since you stopped to show yours a little gratitude, there’s no better time than now to do so. Everyone wants to feel appreciated — even your kind, humble manager.


Four Great Ways to Thank Your Boss


Write a Note

Take a few minutes to compose a note telling your boss how grateful you are to be their employee. Write a meaningful message by listing a few specific reasons they help make your job enjoyable and fulfilling. If you have clear, legible handwriting, jot the note down on paper, but if not, email is perfectly acceptable as well.

Organize a Group Lunch

Get your team together and plan a thank you lunch for your boss. Choose a date, clear everyone’s calendars, make a reservation at a restaurant you know your manager likes, and agree in advance to split your supervisor’s tab. If you’d rather not dine out, you can organize a potluck lunch, where every attendee — except your boss — brings a dish to share with the group. Take a vote to decide which route your boss would enjoy the most.

Buy a Small Gift

Gifting your boss with an expensive, flashy item is inappropriate, but it’s completely acceptable to present a small token of your appreciation. The right gift will completely vary by your manager’s preferences but may include a bottle of wine, a nice box of chocolate, or something fun and quirky to adorn their desk.

Go Out of Your Way to Do Something Nice

Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most. Simply walk into your boss’s office, take a minute to share a sincere thank you, and offer to finish up the task they’re working on so they can head out a little early. Many managers frequently work overtime, so having an extra hour or two in their day is a kind gesture that will be truly appreciated.

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Four Ways to Prepare for a Successful 2017 Wellness Initiative

November 10th, 2016

A new year is a perfect time for a fresh start, so kick off 2017 with a wellness initiative designed to help your employees improve their health and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Whether you’re joining the ranks of the 70% of employers that already have a wellness program in place — according to the 2015 SHRM Employee Benefits Survey — or simply improving your existing one, investing in the health of your employees is a pretty fantastic decision.

Preparing for a Successful 2017 Wellness Initiative


Evaluate Your Needs

Survey your staffers to find out what they would like their wellness program to encompass. This may include anything from programs to help them stop smoking to complimentary or discounted fitness club memberships to aid in weight loss. Add to this by evaluating your company culture and work environment to get ideas of areas for improvement. If you’ve ever attempted a wellness initiative in the past, review the results to get an idea of what worked and what didn’t.

Create a Strategy

After gathering information, create a wellness program catered to the specific needs of your workforce. Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer any support to help you plan and execute this initiative. This is the time to decide exactly what programs will be included in your program — ensuring there’s something to interest every employee.

Educate Employees

After the structure of your wellness program is in place, start getting your employees excited about it. The kickoff is still a couple of months away, but you want everyone to be ready to get started from day one, so this is the time to get the buy-in of your team. Really sell the wellness initiative and explain how participation will positively impact their lives. Heavily market the program by sending emails, hanging posters around the office and holding a team meeting to introduce it.

Provide Enticing Incentives

The ability to improve their health will be enough to motivate some staffers to participate in the wellness program, but some will need an extra push. Provide incentives such as reduced health insurance premiums, cash bonuses, gift cards, and extra days off to those who join in setting goals, and achieve them. Becoming motivated to work your hardest is generally much easier when an enticing prize is at stake.

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Three Signs You’re Stressing Yourself Over Nothing

November 3rd, 2016

Navigating a job search can be incredibly trying — especially if you’ve been on the hunt for awhile now. Switching jobs is a major life-changing event, so it’s only natural that the pressure is weighing on you pretty heavily. When you’re currently unemployed or just really ready to start the next chapter of your career, every day you don’t receive a job offer can feel like an eternity.

You will find an amazing job, but these things take time. Stop stressing over nothing and your dream opportunity will come knocking in no time at all. If any of the following three signs are present in your life, it’s time to take a deep breath and calm down.

Perpetual Illness is Your New Normal

If you can’t seem to shake an unusually persistent cold you’ve had for quite some time, this is a clear sign stress has taken over your body. Stress weakens the immune system, causing you to get sick and stay sick for a much longer period of time than is normal for your body. If you want to finally bounce back to your healthy self, start taking your job search in stride.

Sleepless Nights Are a Regular Occurrence

Sleep is essential to keep your body healthy and allow you to function properly throughout the day. If you’re lying awake for hours each night, you can be pretty certain stress is the underlying cause. It’s impossible to fall asleep when your mind is running in overdrive, so allow yourself to relax. Running a successful job search is even more challenging when you’re constantly exhausted, so expect to realize better results when you’re refreshed and rejuvenated.

Everyone Irritates You All the Time

Stress brings out the worst in everyone — even those with typically sunny dispositions. If you’ve gone from being an upbeat people person to downright crabby, it’s safe to assume stress has temporarily taken over your personality. Being annoyed all the time isn’t you and it certainly doesn’t feel good. Your friends and family only want the best for you, so let them in and watch your stress levels fall when you’re back to being surrounded by those who never fail to lift you up.

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