Understanding the True Cost of a Bad Hire

October 23rd, 2015

When your company is understaffed and your current team is seriously overworked, it’s only natural to want to hire someone, anyone to fill your open positions immediately. However, hiring decisions made in haste rarely have a positive outcome. In fact, it can have a detrimental impact on your entire organization.

In a recent CareerBuilder survey, 41% of companies said a bad hire has cost them at least $25,000 in the last year. If you think that’s bad, 25% of those surveyed revealed that a bad hire has actually cost them at least $50,000.

Hidden Costs of a Bad Hire

Monetary costs are easy to add up, but indirect expenses can actually be even more detrimental to your bottom line. Bad hires can result in lost worker productivity, lost time needed to recruit and train another employee, costly expenses to recruit and train another new hire, negative employee morale and they can have an adverse impact on client solutions.

The survey revealed that companies hire bad employees for a number of reasons, including a need to fill the position quickly (38%), the person just not working out (34%), the company’s failure to adequately test or research the person’s skills (21%) and not performing adequate reference checks (11%).

It can be difficult to avoid making bad hiring decisions if you don’t know which red flags to look for in candidates. Employers surveyed noted their bad hires displayed these characteristics:

  • Failure to produce high-quality work — 63%
  • Failure to work well with others — 63%
  • Negative attitudes — 62%
  • Immediate issues with attendance — 56%
  • Employee caused customer complaints — 49%
  • Failure to meet deadlines — 48%


Increase Your Chances of a Great Hire

Hiring decisions are always somewhat of a gamble, but you can greatly increase your chances of success by following these three rules:

  1. Learn How to Interview Right: All job interview questions are not equally effective. It’s important to ask open-ended questions, so you can learn more about the candidate and their fit for your team. Get below the surface to gauge the person’s true colors.
  2. Always Conduct Reference Checks: Calling a candidate’s references won’t take a lot of time, but it can save you from making a huge hiring mistake. References are people who have worked with the candidate in the past and can speak to their skills, personality and other key attributes. Don’t miss out on this valuable learning opportunity.
  3. Make New Hires Feel Welcome: The first day of work is always nerve-wracking, so make your new team members feel appreciated from the moment they walk through the door. Have their workspace prepared, plan a group lunch, introduce them to their new colleagues and get them started in a comprehensive training program.

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Rethinking How You Address Resume Gaps in an Interview

October 16th, 2015

Job interviews are always pretty nerve-wracking, but when you know you’re going to have to explain a resume gap, your anxiety can go off the charts. It’s easy to assume you’re at a disadvantage because you took some time away from the workforce, but this is only a detriment if you allow it to be one.

The hiring manager clearly thinks you’re qualified for the job, or you wouldn’t have been invited for an interview. Learn how to describe your employment gap with confidence, so it doesn’t keep you from the career success you deserve.

3 Tips to Successfully Address Your Resume Gap

Feeling nervous about discussing your resume gap in an upcoming interview? Say all the right things by following these three guidelines:

Be Honest

Employers value honesty. Trying to hide the gap in your employment will get you nowhere but shown to the door. If the hiring manager hasn’t already conducted a background check on you, they will — and you won’t be able to talk your way out of that one. Briefly explain why you took some time away from the workforce and move on. It’s that simple.

Have a Response Prepared

Going into the interview, you know you’re going to be asked about your resume gap, so have a well-rehearsed response prepared. The last thing you want is to be caught off-guard and left to give an awkward, bumbling response. A polished, eloquent explanation will surely convince any hiring manager worth your time that you’re a great worker with a lot to offer.

Turn it Into Something Positive

No one wants to hire a negative person who is poised to bring the whole team down. It’s easy to come off as pessimistic when explaining your employment gap, if it wasn’t voluntary. However, you’ll need to find a way to rise above your feelings of adversity and explain how the break helped you learn and grow. Share how refreshed you feel now or explain how you used your time to volunteer, opening your eyes to an entirely new experience you wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise.

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Crucial Mistakes to Avoid Making in Your Next Meeting

October 9th, 2015

Does your team constantly have meetings that result in nothing? If so, this can likely be traced back to one single shortcoming — a lack of commitment. On the surface, your meetings probably seem very productive, as everyone shows up and your team makes lots of important decisions. However, you’re just spinning your wheels if no one is actually held accountable for getting anything done. Before leaving the room, each person must agree to do their part in no uncertain terms.

5 Tips for an Effective Meeting

Give your meetings a productivity overhaul by following these five tips:

Be Selective with the Invite List

Unnecessary attendees are nothing but a distraction. Before sending out invites, carefully audit your list to make sure you really need each person to be there. Too many people wielding their own opinions and agendas makes it very difficult to accomplish anything.

Create an Agenda

Make sure everyone arrives prepared by writing an agenda and sending it around to all attendees prior to the meeting. This gives everyone a chance to ponder the topic at hand, so they’re not caught off-guard without any thoughts to share. Having an agenda is also a great way to stay on track during the meeting.

Start on Time

When trying to gather a number of people for a meeting, it’s inevitable that someone will be late. Instead of wasting everyone’s time by waiting to get started until everyone has arrived, begin promptly and catch latecomers up at the end.

Get a Commitment

As highlighted above, you can’t have a productive meeting unless you get a solid commitment from everyone. This step is crucial, so take the last 10 minutes of every meeting to go over what’s expected from each person and get them to agree to the request.

Follow Up

After the meeting, send an email that recaps the group’s decisions and lists each person’s commitment. Schedule a follow-up meeting immediately, before people’s calendars fill up and competing priorities begin to take precedence.

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How Can Your Recruiter Help You Prepare for Your Interview?

October 2nd, 2015

By now, you’re already well aware that a recruiter can grant you access to hard-to-find jobs, but you may not realize they can also assist in interview preparation. If your recruiter isn’t working directly for the company, there’s a good chance they know the hiring manager or at least have some inside knowledge about the organization. Rather than heading into the meeting blindly, they can work with you to make sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

3 Ways a Recruiter Can Help You Prepare for Your Interview

Enjoy these three benefits when your recruiter assists you in getting ready for an interview:

Obtain Inside Information on the Company

Job interviews are nerve-wracking enough, but not knowing what to expect on the big day can make you even more anxious. Working with a recruiter can ease your worries, as they can offer valuable information from the inside. In most cases, your recruiter will be able to tell you what the company is looking for in the ideal candidate, whether or not there will be a skills test and how many people will be interviewing you.

Get Help Preparing Answers to Challenging Questions

Many recruiters are happy to help you craft winning responses to tough interview questions. Staffing professionals know who you’ll be dealing with, so it’s possible they’ll have insights on the type of questions that will be headed your way. Regardless, they have a vast amount of industry knowledge that can prove invaluable in helping you learn how to answer questions with confidence that completely fluster most candidates.

Gain Wardrobe Tips for Success

The way you present yourself for a job interview can make or break your chance of success. It’s common knowledge that you should dress to impress on every interview, but your recruiter can tell you exactly what to wear to send the right message. Dressing too formal could make you seem like a bad cultural fit at some companies, while not wearing your best suit can disqualify you at others. These things can be impossible to know without the assistance of a recruiter.

If you don’t get the job, there’s a good chance the hiring manager will give your recruiter feedback on the meeting, which they will then relay to you. Use this to learn where you excel and which areas you need to improve for next time.

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