Using Creative Job Descriptions to Find Top Candidates

April 17th, 2015

Let’s face it, the average accounting job description isn’t exactly a great read. In fact, if you compare postings for similar positions at a variety of companies, you’ll probably see that most are markedly similar. As a result, it can be difficult to attract top candidates to apply for positions at your organization, because your posting doesn’t offer anything unique.

Make this problem a thing of the past by adding a bit of flair to your job descriptions. Rewrite standard dull accounting postings to represent how interesting the position really is. No one wants to apply for a job so boring that the hiring manager can’t even sell it. Your company has a lot to offer accounting candidates, so use this to attract top talent.

3 Tips to Write an Eye Catching Job Description

Need a little help making your job posting a little fun? Follow these three tips:

Write a Catchy Headline

Any company can have a posting for an accounting specialist, but your description is sure to stand out if you title it “accounting guru,” “accounting ninja” or any other crafty name. This is a great way to ensure clicks in a sea of postings that all look exactly the same.

Get a Little Creative

It’s okay to have a little fun writing the job description. In fact, it can be much easier to find your ideal candidate when you let your company’s personality shine through. Adding a little pizazz to an otherwise dull description makes it clear that your organization is a fun place to work. Definitely still include all relevant job duties and the minimum required experience, to define what you’re looking for.

Describe Your Company Culture

Include a paragraph describing your company culture to give candidates a sneak peek of what to expect if hired. This is another effective way to capture the attention of the best person for the job, as you need someone who can seamlessly adapt to your way of doing business.

Need a little help finding the right person for the job?

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