How to Address an Interviewer who Thinks You’re Overqualified for a Position

November 28th, 2014

There’s a lot of great reasons to apply for a position you’re seemingly overqualified to hold, including getting back into the workforce after taking some time off, seeking a greater work/life balance or wanting to change careers. You may think greatly exceeding the requirements will give you a competitive advantage, but it can actually do the opposite.

Hiring managers are often hesitant to take on candidates who are clearly overqualified for the job, as they fear they’ll be bored or will leave as soon as a better opportunity comes along. However, with a little savvy strategizing you can make it clear that you’re truly interested in getting the job.

5 Ways to Combat Being Labeled as Overqualified

If you’re preparing to interview for a job you’re clearly overqualified to hold, use the following five tactics to convince the hiring manager that your intentions are sincere:

Address the Situation

Whether the interviewer has come right out and said you’re overqualified or simply hinted at it, directly approaching the subject is the first step towards fighting it. Ask the interviewer to rely their concerns, so you can explain why they won’t be an issue.

Highlight Your Commitment

Explain that you’re a loyal worker who will be committed to the organization if hired. Point out any long tenure you’ve had with past companies to prove you are indeed a devoted employee.

Explain Why You Want the Job

Make it clear that you’re genuinely interested in the job by explaining what you admire about the organization. Hiring managers want someone with passion for the job, not a candidate simply looking for a paycheck, so a strong enthusiasm can work wonders.

Focus on Accomplishments

Rather than emphasizing the years of experience you’ve spent in the field, concentrate on your accomplishments relative to the job. This positions you as a high-achiever who is motivated to succeed, rather than a professional a bit too seasoned for the job.

Let Your Personality Shine

Ultimately, interviewers want to hire people they genuinely like, so put your winning personality to work. Charm the hiring manager with your perfect manners and polite conversation, to prove you can fit right into the company culture.

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3 Tips on Reducing Employee Turnover Time Through a Speedy Phone Interview

November 21st, 2014

A phone screening is often the first step in the interview process, helping you determine who to bring in for an in-person interview. You may not realize it, but this key stage may allow you to ultimately decrease employee turnover. Asking the right questions from the start makes it easy to eliminate those who aren’t too likely to succeed, so you can focus your efforts on candidates who are right for both the position and your organization as a whole.

3 Tactics to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employ the following three tactics during the phone interview stage to quickly eliminate those who aren’t a good fit:

Focus on Mannerisms

While you can’t gauge a candidate’s nonverbal cues during a phone interview, you can and should take note of their communication, listening and conversational skills. For example, if you’re interviewing for a sales position, but the person makes no attempt at small talk, they probably aren’t a good fit for the job.

Highlight Company Culture

One of the main causes of employee turnover ─ especially with newly hired employees ─ is having trouble adapting to the company culture. Combat this by providing the candidate with a very clear picture of what it’s like to work at your company, to ensure the environment matches their expectations. Discuss normal working hours, your mission, company hours and any other pertinent information that could deeply impact a person’s level of job satisfaction.

Ask about Future Career Goals

It’s important to determine why the candidate wants to work at your organization. You don’t want to hire someone using your company as a way to earn money until they find something better or who simply wants to gain a little more experience to work their way farther up the ladder. Seek candidates who respond to the “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question by saying they hope to be growing their career with you.

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Career in a Rut!? Breakthrough!

November 14th, 2014

Have you lost your passion for the job that you once couldn’t wait to get started on each morning? If so, it’s time to break out of your career rut and find a new position that energizes and inspires you to do your best work each day.

You spend at least 40 hours per week at your job, so it’s important to fill your time with something you truly enjoy doing. Feeling professionally unfilled can easily impact other areas of your life, causing you to become depressed, unmotivated and irritable.

3 Tips to Jump Start Your Job Search

Ready to get out of your career rut? Use the following three tips to find success when looking for a new start:

Revisit Your Successes

Think about the best job you ever had. Where did you find the listing? If possible, head back to the source to see if there are any new and exciting opportunities. When you do get the call for an interview, use the same preparation tactics that have helped you impress hiring managers and score a job offer in the past.

Seek Resume Assistance

If you’ve been out of the job search for awhile, there’s a good chance your resume needs a little updating. Ask a few successful friends and associates you admire for a copy of their resume to find ideas to spice yours up. Sometimes all it takes is a few slight changes in presentation to make your resume shine.

Make Yourself Stand Out

You certainly need an outstanding resume to be a successful candidate for any job, but there may be other ways to highlight yourself as a top contender. For example, see if you have any shared connections with the hiring manager on LinkedIn and reach out for a recommendation. Or include links to samples of your work with your resume, to prove you have the skills needed to excel at the position.

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How to Ace an Out-of-State Interview

November 7th, 2014

Whether you’re tired of the cold weather in your current city or simply want to be closer to family, looking for a new job out-of-state is a major change. It is certainly possible to score a new position while living long-distance, but it takes significantly more time, effort and dedication than needed when interviewing locally.

5 Tips to Succeed in an Out-of-State Interview

Looking to start over in a new state? Follow these five tips to achieve your goal:

Seek a Promotion

Pursuing a lateral career move may serve as a pricey decision. It’s important to research the job’s pay range and cost of living in each city you apply for work, as the same position there may pay less, but have a higher cost of living. Search for jobs that would be a promotion to increase your chances of coming out ahead financially in the new city.

Be Ready to Travel on Short Notice

In most cases, companies expect out-of-state candidates to comply with interview requests on short notice, just as with local contenders. Be prepared to take time off work and head out-of-town with just a few days or one week’s notice. You’ll quickly be passed over if you can’t comply.

Allow Extra Room in Travel Plans

When traveling to a new city for an interview, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Never arrive the same day or on the eve your interview, as you may experience delays, causing you to miss your meeting or not have adequate time to prepare. Make sure you have time to get a good night’s rest, organize your thoughts and plenty of time to spare if you get lost on the way to the office.

Ask for Your Itinerary

There’s a good chance your interview will last most of the day, especially if the company paid your travel expenses. Request a copy of your interview in advance, so you can plan ahead. Knowing exactly who you’re meeting with throughout the day allows you to conduct a little background research on each person, ensuring you’re well-prepared.

Don’t Anticipate Rockstar Treatment

As an out-of-state candidate, making it to the interview is a really big deal to you. However, the company is probably vetting a number of other candidates, so don’t expect to be treated any better than those who live in the area. Of course your interviewers should be nice to you, but most probably won’t disrupt their day to cater to you.

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